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Welcome to Hotel Kaiserworth!

Welcome to Hotel Kaiserworth, one of the most magnificent buildings in the heart of the Goslar, the famous medieval and former Free Imperial Town in the Harz Mountains.

The romantic atmosphere, stylish ambiance, and attentive, perfect service of a privately owned, 4-star hotel are sure to make your stay a fascinating, unforgettable experience.

Our location directly on the market square makes this hotel an ideal starting point for every stay in Goslar or the Harz Mountains. Enjoy perfect access to highlights near and far; as a hotel guest, you are allowed to drive across the market square right up to the hotel upon arrival and departure. Our hotel is only a short walk away from the city center, and the must-see sights and other destinations in the Harz Mountains are just a short ride away.

We also invite you to stay in our partner hotel, the Hotel Brusttuch.


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